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Hungary and it's wines.

Many people seem to have an opinion but just very few are familiar with the real potential of high quality Hungarian wines. Hungarian wines are one of the possible new highlights on the international markets. The unique climate, the combination of traditional and modern technologies result in wonderful wines still mainly unknown outside the country. Capvex was founded early 2003. As far as we know, Capvex is the only independent wine export company in Hungary.

Our mission is to get the hidden highlights of Hungarian wines better known worldwide.

Having the necessary local knowledge and being independent guaranties that every year the best possible selection is offered to our clients. Through constant quality control in the vineyards and cellars we insure that the Capvex name sets a standard.

Having the right wine for the clients is one thing, combining this with all the necessary services attached to our export activity makes it perfect. Transportation, custom issues, administrative duties are also part of the package.

But even more important: Information. We supply informative material with the wines about the wine-maker, the vineyards, the region and the year the wine was born. There is an interesting and unique story behind each wine, and we believe this story should be told. A glass of wine is also about getting involved in the people's every days.

Co-organised events on the local markets are part of our strategy. Possibilities to meet the winemaker's introduce new products; do blind tasting, get feedback.

Our clients enjoy regular newsflashes regarding the vintage, next year's newcomers, winemakers joining Capvex and other events. This helps to plan and built strategies which is a must in today's successful business.

No question, Capvex selected wines are a unique spot on the international wine market, the question is more like, is your company going to be a member of this successful enterprise?