Capvex wine tasting in the Baltic’s

In cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy in Tallinn Capvex organised ... >>>

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New dry white from Thummerer winery (Eger region) in Capvex portfolio ... >>>

New Tokaj winery
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From November 2003 our wines are available for English customers through our partner Crispins Wine Bar in Ealing, London.

If you are interested please direct you inquiries to Mr Alex Rastovic (Tel/fax: 020 8579 6912).

This is how two Crispins' regulars describe the bar:
„Probably the best bar in West London. [...] Fantastic old style discreet atmosphere and noone ever asks too many questions about the night before...”
„Crispins is an Ealing institution and I hope it remains for a long period yet! It's been going for years and for a fairly central Ealing bar it does not have the same manufactured theme pub ambience which all but a few now have. It does reasonably good food and a wide range of wines…”



Capvex added new Figula Wines (Balatonfüred-Chopak region) to its portfolio. Beside the well known white wines from Mihály Figula there are some red wines available from this cellar. Tasting sessions are still going on. As we promised: High Quality, limited Volume.



Introduction of the brazilian website:

A Brazilian website on wine tasting

A few more than twenty years ago, a small group of friends used to meet periodically to talk on weekends. On the table, dividing space with canapés and delicacies, bottles of beer. Yes, beer, because Brazil is a tropical country and the city of Rio de Janeiro, with so beautiful and sunny shores, was the ideal background to drink one.

One day someone brought a wine bottle, perhaps in a colder night. Since then, things began to change and the wine, without discarding the beer, became more and more present.

Time goes by and the interest on wine became greater, inclusively one of the friends built a subterranean cellar in his farm house, filled with hundreds of wine bottles from different origins.

In my particular case, a few more than two years ago, after searching the Web for a long time for information about wine, I had the idea to create a Website, specially dedicated to wine tasting, where our experiences could be published and also offering a variety of other matters, from historical reports to suggestions on wine service, news and curiosities of wine world. In short, something light but serious, a free space to wine lovers (or an opened space for…), with a Discussion Forum to register different opinions and personal tasting notes.


Please find below the rough English translation of the Portuguese text you can find under

Hungarian wines – again...

On past march 25 we published a post about Hungarian wines, with the purpose of give an idea about the good wines of this so far East Europe country. A country with a language difficult for us, Latin people, to understand, but with great contribution to culture, arts, music, sports... and wines.

Well, for our surprise we received last week an e-mail from Hungary, sent by András Mueller, who founded CAPVEX, a Hungarian wines export enterprise, and is now interested to establish commercial relationships with Brazilian enterprises.

We received from András some information about Hungarian wines and decided to translate and publish it, because we believe it will represent a good collaboration between us and certainly will give to interested people an authorized vision about this matter.

Our intention is to publish a sequence of posts, perhaps each 7 or 15 days, each of them covering a specific wine region. And we hope to create with András a communication channel always open to divulgate news of our visitors permanent interest. Welcome, András!