Capvex wine tasting in the Balticís

In cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy in Tallinn Capvex organised ... >>>

Special price for
new white wine

New dry white from Thummerer winery (Eger region) in Capvex portfolio ... >>>

New Tokaj winery
in Capvex Portfolio

5 new Tokaj wines are now added to the Capvex selection ... >>>

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All the wine-makers behind Capvex are trendsetters in their region. National and international awards and constant quality is a must for them. This is their natural way of doing things, not an external pressure. Constantly seeking new ways, experimenting and fine tuning of the traditional techniques guaranties highest standards.

Most of them awarded as "wine-maker of the year", these people became brand names of their own right.

Their natural environment is the vineyard and the cellar. From dusk till dawn, no rest, no holiday. But no complain at all. Everything makes sense when we enjoy one of their beautiful and fantastic wines in the evening. All the hard work and passion that is concentrated in every bottle!

We do believe, that the accurate hard work of these people, their way of thinking and their spirit comes through to our customers once they taste our selection.

Capvex is your ultimate source to all this.