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The Eger wine region lays at the southern foothills of the Bükk Mountains, where the relief is rising abruptly from the flat Great Hungarian Plain. The foothill is strongly dissected by escarpments and valleys, while the main mass of the Bükk is forming a steep-walled plateau.

The northern part of the Eger Wine Region is built up by the older rocks of the Bükk Mountains, the northern vineyards of the town Eger and the triangle between Eger-Felsőtárkány-Noszvaj are located upon this kind of bedrock (for example the famous Áfrika vineyard, getting its name from the extremely hot microclimate).

The southern part of the wine region can be characterized by the Lower Miocene rhyolite tuff and the somewhat less frequent rhyolite-dacite lava rocks. These volcanic beds are particularly important, since most full bodied and alcohol-rich wines of the region will be produced upon their surface.

The importance of the rhyolite tuff can be pointed out, if one takes into consideration, that 99% of the wine cellars in the Eger region were carved into this rocks, including the casamates of the Eger castle, or the several kilometres long cellar-system beneath the downtown of Eger.

In addition to Eger, the most important centres of the wine production are Noszvaj, Ostoros and Egerszólát.

Both white and red wine production are considerable in the Eger Wine Region. Characteristic white-wine grape varieties are the Welsh-riesling, Leányka, Traminer and Muscat Ottonel.

Among red-wine grapes the Blue-frankish, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the most famous, though earlier the Kadarka and the Portugais were the most widespread. More recently, a number of growers have achieved considerable success with the Blauburger grape.

World-famous wine of the Eger Wine Region is the Bikavér (Bull's Blood), a cuvée in fact, mixed from two or three sorts of red wines. It's diagnostic component was the Kadarka grape earlier, but the same "role" will be played by the Blue-frankish, at the present.

The elegance, harmony and complexity of the Eger wines is fixing them at a prominent place of the Hungarian wine-palette.

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