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This region is one of Hungary's first-class red-wine producing areas. In Villány the white-wine production is subordinate, it is concentrated more to the surroundings of Siklós. The Villány wine region lays upon the southern and eastern slopes of the Villány mountains. The terraced surface of the mountain offers an ideal morphology to the efficient viticulture. The mass of the Villány Mountains protects the vineyards from the northern cold climatic impacts resulting in a special sub-Mediterranean microclimate.

The special microclimate combined with the good properties of the soil is resulting in the production of outstanding wines with high quality and variety.

Among traditional white wine grapes the Welsch-riesling, Traminer, Linden-leaf must be mentioned, while the Chardonnay became widespread only in the last few decades.

Among the red-wine grape varieties the Kadarka and the Portugais can be considered as traditional. The former practically disappeared from the palette, while also Merlot, Blue-frankish, Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon joined to the Portugais in the 20th century.

The Villány red wines are usually full-bodied to heavy, they can be characterised by high alcohol and tannin content. Their specific, intensive bouquet makes them easily recognisable. The Portugais will be aged during one year, while the wines of bigger body appear in the market after a few years of aging. Also fresh, lively rosé wines will be bottled in the region.

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